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About Me

Why Real Estate?

Covid changed everything. Both of my jobs were shut down in March of 2020 for the foreseeable future, which left me lots of time to ponder my career choices. I love people and love to serve them in the ways I am gifted. Why not help people through one of the biggest decisions of their life, buying or selling a home. My competitive nature from playing sports all growing up has made me a hard worker, and one who will be dedicated to serving you start to finish in all your real estate needs.

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My Team

I partnered with Darryll Whaley and Perception Real Estate after getting my Real Estate License in August of 2021. As a seasoned broker and agent, as well as a good friend, I knew working along side Darryll was the right move. Our team has many resources and vast knowledge of the market to help assist you when the time comes to work together.


Our Vision

Perception Real Estate was formed in 2009. Our philosophy from day one was to “always do the right thing, do it well, and make a lasting impression on the client.“ This philosophy still holds true today.

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